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administration but you look at center, susan collins who has strongly supported rice in her lowell as u.n. ambassador praised her at her initial confirmation hearing. collins is saying that rice has to answer the question or she won't vote for her. that is major problem for the administration. i think it's a good move by rice she is trying to dial it down. she is willing to meet mccain. the temperature has to come down a little bit in order for her to possibly be nominated. if at this level it will be tough. >> heather: should she still be nominated? >> i think it will be very close to get the votes she needs. if the new congress, they will need five republican votes. it will be tough to get five republicans and very close. could they pick up o of a few? yes, but that is assuming if all the democrats will vote for her death. >> bob, we appreciate. >>. >> gregg: an explosion that ripped through a building damaging several other homes. what police now say is a real miracle. >> heather: and pope benedict xvi crowning new princes of catholic church. what is striking about these six what the
and 2011 and 80%, the amount of them who began their radicalization after 9/11, senator susan collins, republican from maine who commissioned this report along with connecticut independent senator joe lieberman says the doj needs to adapt now. a good example where they're falling behind is their lessons avoiding incidents similar to the 2009 fort hood shooting which the administration still refers to as workplace violence. >> in order for us to counter this threat, to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it, in order to counter it. and in order to devise effective strategies, to counter one of the greatest threats that our nation still faces. >> and the keys to making the justice department better in that regard, according to the gao, are identification of what law enforcement should focus their training on, and communication of those things to partners across the country. rick. >> rick: peter doocy in washington, peter, thanks. >> well, pope benedict xvi crowning new princes
-11 and the face of terror is changing and republican susan colli collins, says the identification of the 2009 shooting at fort hood texas as workplace violence is one reason that law enforcement agents nationwide are not properly learning who they should be on the lookout for. to counter this threat to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it in order to counter it. >> the gao report says plainly that misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization for violence can harm security by sending local stake holders in the wrong direction and unnecessarily creating tensions with potential community partners. but, there is a bright spot and the gao report, the holm secured department is noted as effectively identifying and communicating to their partners, the elements that their training on countering violence extremism programs should cover. rick? >> peter doocy in washington, thanks so much. >> well, the holiday shopping season is in full swing this small business saturday. ne
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3